Stetel Background

The original idea that led to the creation of Stetel was to leverage the availability of new communication technologies to support the growth of people's needs for communicating. In Stetel, we supported that need with a genuine focus on aligning the customer experience to new developing social contexts.

We also believe that the fast adoption of new communication technologies is an essential element that enables, supports and boosts the evolution of social life, and that the services implemented on those technologies should evolve at a fast pace.

That is and has been, the driver for our actions during the past 25 years. Today we can say that Stetel is still loyal to its first mission statement.


Stetel History

Stetel was established during the early '90s to respond to the growing demand for applications and systems able to implement completely new use cases in the world of fixed communication.

Taking up the challenge of implementing such new systems, Stetel has also made part of its DNA the need for continuous innovation that translates in early adopting and train resources in the most promising new technologies.

Driven by the need for innovation, Stetel has radically shifted its area of activity into the space of mobile telephony, implementing the earliest VAS using WAP and SMS and the bearers for the distribution of premium contents and to offer the first wave of social services.

The step into the world of Smartphone during the first decade of the second millennium has been just the logical "next step".

Today Stetel is again looking with attention into those technologies and services that will support the next quantum leap in the evolution of possible use cases. We are then looking to mobile IP communication and IOT as the spaces that will strength our success in a very competitive market.


What is Stetel Today


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