Mobile Communication

As Mobile Communication market is entering into its maturity phase, it is experiencing very well known phenomena like aggressive competition and saturation.

Mobile Network Operators need to differentiate and leverage the new technologies to maintain market share through customer loyalty, expansion into new business segments and launch of new services.

Stetel has a 10-year successful track record in working with MNOs along these axes, contributing to projects that are essential for the implementation of their strategic plans.

Our area of expertise is in the development of customer-facing applications that implement new user journeys that are essential to bring the benefit of new technologies in the customer's hands.

Stetel customers are mainly global players, and we often deploy services centrally but delivered across a variety of geographies.

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Mobile communication


Automotive Industry is possibly the market that better "represents" or "defines" the concept of mobility itself.

Moreover, Automotive is today the hungriest market in terms of mobile connectivity, when we look beyond the sphere of personal communication. As such, Automotive is the de-facto the early-adopter of IOT.

That is a young market, but there are a lot of players and opportunities around it. Car and component manufacturers, Insurance Companies, service providers of Fleet Management, mobile operators are all interested in making this a success story.

Stetel is working in this field together with relevant stakeholders to support the implementation of new services, leveraging the experience in mobile communication. Stetel is today participating in the development and integration of dedicated devices and the development of the associated back-end functionalities.

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Monitoring the Environment to support government and institutions to drive the actions intended to keep our world healthier safer, together with services that enable a more sustainable agriculture, are possibly one of the most demanding area in terms of distributed connectivity and specialized functionalities.

That is also a field where Stetel has found fertile ground where to express its potential in terms of development of end-to-end solutions.

Stetel is working with government institution and regulators in the implementation of monitoring and remote management of environmental probes and systems.

Our contribution includes the development of specialized hardware, sophisticated network connectivity, infrastructure management and data collection and processing.

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Yes, Stetel is playing in the field of Social application too. That is part of Stetel DNA as the early life of the company's services played around voice mailbox, chats, message boards and more. Even though, Stetel does not have the ambition to compete with Facebook or Twitter.

In fact, when you know a lot about mobile phone technology and people behavior, you may have a say, in terms of what can attract a user and his/her wish to make other people aware of personal discoveries and sentiments.

One of the areas we are working on is how to create contextualized user experiences integrated into the core functionalities of a Smartphone.

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Support to Charity and No-Profit organizations is not a line of business, but we like to help, whenever we can. We are supporting organizations in the development of Smartphone APPs to support fundraising campaigns and to help no-profit organizations to have more impact with their communication campaign.

If you need anything, and we have time to contribute, without impacting our business, we will help.

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