IP Communication

Fueled by the increase of footprint of 4G (together with the improved quality of 3G), the world of mobile communication is moving fast in the direction of full IP voice and messaging services. The success of services like Skype, WhatsApp and Google+, are showing the speed and magnitude of the shift from standard telephone and SMS services to full IP communication. At the same time, MNOs are struggling in redefining their central role within this new era of communication.

When there are challenges, there are threads and opportunities. Conscious that IP Communication is now part of the strategic plans for most of the MNOs, Stetel has prepared itself with the capabilities necessary to offer its contribution in the definition and development of IP communication Services.

At present, Stetel is already working with reference customers, supporting critical projects in that area.

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IP communication

Internet of Things

The ramp up of new technologies (e.g. BT low Energy), the continuous improvement of circuits' miniaturization and embedded technologies, are giving a strong boost to the distribution of Mobile technologies to new fields of implementation. The steady decrease of the cost of hardware components is a strong support for the development of new prototypes and makes innovation affordable and suitable for consumer mass market.

At the same pace, Mobile Communication is quickly becoming a service used not only within human relationships, but it is spreading to support human-to-object and object-to-object interactions.

This trend is an important field of investments for MNOs, which have a unique opportunity to regain speed in growth and work around the business hurdles caused by saturation.

Stetel is considering IOT a strategic area of investment with the aim of developing own services and accompanying its customers along the journey of implementing those new technologies in a market that is already hungry for such innovation.

In these areas, Stetel has projects active with the European Institutions and Regulators (Environment control) and has activated important touch points with MNOs and their M2M/IoT teams.

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Internet of Things

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