When you've just bought your new smartphone, you cannot wait to start using it. You set it up and download all the apps you think you will need, but what if you do not like the way your home screen looks? Simply put, you can replace the default launcher with a customised one, which puts all the apps you need at your fingertips.

Prediction Launcher replaces your mobile home screen with a customised interface that lets you find the app you need easier and faster.

Prediction Launcher analyses your mobile applications usage patterns and preferences and combines them to provide you with the right app depending on your location or based on the time of the day. Prediction Launcher creates an app cloud on your home screen which presents with the right app at the right time. Whether you want to call your favourite contacts, update your social media or open Google Maps, the launcher will apply the principles of Machine Learning and put the app you need in the foreground, helping you find it easier and faster.

How does Prediction Launcher work?

Prediction Launcher step 1

Download Prediction Launcher from Google Play and install it on your Android device

Prediction Launcher step 2

Grant Prediction Launcher the required permissions

Prediction Launcher step 3

Set Prediction Launcher as your default home screen

Prediction Launcher step 4

See the app you need on your screen

What can I use Prediction Launcher for?

Prediction Launcher can be usen on plenty of occasions as a faster way to find the app you need:

Prediction Launcher is...







How to get Prediction Launcher

Download Prediction Launcher from Google Play

Get it on Google Play

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