Smartphone App Development

There is no business or human activity that can call itself away from the mobile revolution. Our aim is to translate the business needs of our customer into an effective and consistent presence in the mobile world.

Leveraging Stetel experience in the development of applications and the design of compelling user journeys, our customers can benefit from fast time to market and continuous alignment of their mobile presence to new technologies and trends.

Also, the launch of effective applications and consistent user journeys across all different mobile operating environments is not a straight through exercise. Stetel has specific skills and knowledge to supports its customers in designing and implementing solutions that better fit each situation, adapting the application logic to use the best features of each different technology.


  • Development of applications in different mobile operating environment: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry OS
  • Integration of applications into custom and public back-end applications
  • Integration between different mobile applications and definition of interfaces between them
  • Integration of application with the most sophisticated features of recent Mobile Phones like BTLE, NFC, RCS and those that are OS specific features and OEMs' (e.g. Samsung, HTC, .. ) customizations.
  • Development of native and Hybrid applications (powered by HTML5)
  • Video and Streaming technologies

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Smartphone app development

Software Development

When "differentiation" and "innovation" are the winning keywords to step ahead of competitors, the fast and rapid deployment of distributed and centralized functionalities requires the development of specialized and dedicated systems.

Development of full end-to-end services is an area where Stetel express its technical designing and implementation skills at best. Balancing Front-End and Back-End functionalities, implementation of simple, secure and effective communication standards and protocols, integration of corporate back-ends into business applications, are just some of the aspects that we address as part of our projects' activities.

The need of optimization and simple structure is not the only element to drive the architectural design. The more we extend the horizon of what we consider "mobile services", the more we need specific skills in designing effective architectures to support new businesses efficiently through the implementation of new use cases.

Experience Front-End Development:

  • xHTML, HTML5, JavaScript
  • Firmware and embedded software
  • Application for Simple Processing Units/Controllers
  • Raspberry/Arduino applications and architectures

Experience for Back-End applications:

  • Data/Content management
  • Interface with private business applications (e.g. SAP or Billing Systems)
  • Interface with public/WEB services (e.g. Google, Facebook)
  • Implementation of specific business logic to support not-sophisticated distributed components
  • Java, C++, C#

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Software development

Hardware Development

As the communication world is moving into the arena of IOT (Internet of Things), we believe that the development of specific hardware devices is the key element that contributes to the realization of an effective and innovative end-2-end system.

Whenever we approach projects that aim to realize services like Geo-Location of "objects", monitoring of environmental parameters or control of domestic/industrial appliances, we realize that we need devices that do not exist yet. Moreover, those devices have to be small, efficient in terms of energy consumption, but ... connected to networks smartly, execute complex computing activities and be always-on; an interesting puzzle!

Stetel considers IOT a strategic technology arena where to play a central role. Because of that, we have decided to make a bold move into the field of hardware development with the objective to power our services and to extend our contribution in Customers' projects. Today Stetel has already several implementations that make use of self-developed hardware devices, out in the market.

Stetel has organized the end-to-end process for the implementation of hardware devices retaining in-house the activities related to design, selection of components/ICs and software/firmware development. We leverage external partners for the production of PCB and the mounting of components.

Experience of Hardware Development integrating the following components:

  • Bluetooth Smart/Classic Bluetooth
  • GPS/Geo-Location
  • NFC
  • WiFi
  • GSM
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Six axis Accelerometer and compass
  • Integration with external sensors (eg. Environmental probes)
  • Development of Firmware and application to implement business functions
  • Power Management

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Hardware development

Consultancy and Program/Project management

Running a technical project from ideation and conceptualization, all the way down to market launch, is the dream of everybody acting in the technology space. It does not happen very often; it's pretty rare. Nonetheless, Stetel had the opportunity to be responsible during all the classical phases of a complex technical project. Skills are available, and we encourage our existing customers and prospects in making use of them.

What Stetel is not? It is not a body rental company, so it is not in the position to offer Project/Program management and Consultancy as a stand-alone service. We see our contribution in those roles when we are also responsible for an important part of the technical implementation or when we see the possibility of a significant contribution in the later stages of the project execution.

Experience in Consultancy and Program/Project management skills

  • Analysis of business challenges and opportunities
  • Product/Service Ideation
  • Preparation and presentation of business cases
  • Organization/run of brainstorm sessions and workshops (multi-national)
  • Collection and Evaluation of Business requirements
  • Management of complex Programs (involving more projects and dependencies)
  • Project Management
  • Technology evaluation and selection
  • Deployment in Customer environment central/distributed (with a multi-national footprint)
  • Test process definition and management (unit, development, integration, pre-production, user acceptance testing, validation/promotion to production)

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Consultancy and Project management

Voice Services and VoIP

From the beginning of its history, Stetel has developed innovative services based on IVR systems and complex telephony infrastructures. Among the others, in Italy we have been pioneers of voice recognition technologies, VoIP services, Video-telephony and video conferencing.

Our reference markets are:

  • public administration
  • large fixed Telecom operators
  • media companies.

Thanks to a partnership with British Telecom Italy, we are today equipped with a solid, scalable and reliable infrastructure sized to support large implementations.

As fixed telephony has evolved in terms of communication protocols and motivated by the increased adoption of open source based systems, Stetel has developed skills for the configuration and implementation of telephony infrastructures based on Asterisk.

The more mobile communication is replacing the services that were historically delivered by fixed networks, the more Stetel realizes solutions blending mobile and fixed services.

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Voice services and VoIP

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